About Our Company

Welcome to Clear Hat Consulting. Our company takes a personal approach to creating security solutions that fit your needs. From kernel development to extremely low-level feasibility research, our small size allows us to be very flexible when it comes to finding solutions to unique challenges. We are comfortable acting in any capacity you require, from a sub-contractor on a large project to specialized independent researchers on a small project.

Our primary strength comes from creating novel solutions to new and interesting problems. By researching current technology and then striving to look past the trees to see the forest as a whole, our research department can arrive at ideas that have remained illusive in the past and bring them into the present to solve your most challenging problems.

Core Competencies:.

  • Security related kernel driver development
  • Low level malware analysis (kernel, chipset, firmware)
  • Low level reverse engingeering & vulnerability assessment (kernel, chipset, firmware)
  • Rapid prototyping and feasiblity assessment of new technologies
  • Specialized R&D
  • Development of security related virtualization assisted technologies